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4 Signs That You Need To Hire A Yard Drainage Expert in Upstate South Carolina

Poor drainage can cause a whole host of problems for your upstate South Carolina property. The longer you let drainage issues persist, the more significant damage you will have to take care of in the end. The more time you leave these problems alone, the more money you might need to put in to correct them.

Consider hiring a yard drainage expert the first time you see any of the following signs of poor drainage on your property. An outdoor drainage specialist can point out the problems that need to be addressed. They can also offer guidance to fix your drainage. Plus, they are instrumental in handling any damage that is often the result of poor drainage.

1. Pooling Water

A notable sign of a drainage problem is water pooling around your lawn. If water lingers after heavy rain or snow, your yard most likely has an issue with poor drainage. Pooling water comes with several accompanying problems, including mosquitoes. Plus, excess water is not a pretty look for your lawn. A yard drainage contractor can assess the way your property diverts water. The best drainage systems are designed to let water move out towards storm drains and curbs.

2. Noticeable Foundation Issues

Poor drainage can also affect your home and its foundation. Water pooling around your property will find its way into the soil near your home. The result is cracking in your foundation, horizontal cracks inside your home, and door issues. Standing water can make your foundation look prematurely aged and discolored. A drainage professional can guide you in handling foundation issues caused by poor drainage.

3. Gushing Gutters

Your gutters should be installed so that they move water away from your home. If your gutters are overflowing with water, there will be problems for your lawn and/or foundation. Check to see if there are streaks of dirt on the downspouts or sides of your property. Dirt streaks are a sign that water is coming out too quickly. The streaks are caused by the rainwater washing the dirt away from below the downspouts.

4. Significant Erosion

Erosion is a nasty, persistent problem for both all properties. However, erosion is inevitable when your lawn has insufficient drainage. Weak soil can wash away easily in heavy rain. Signs of erosion include noticeable mulch and sediment on sidewalks, driveways and other hard surfaces. Erosion can destroy flower beds, wash away good soil, and leave holes in your landscaping. Significant signs of erosion are a big reason for you to consider hiring a drainage expert.

If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned, get in touch with the team at CollinsBrooke Landscape Construction today to schedule a consultation to solve your yard drainage problems.

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