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5 Questions To Ask Before Having Trees Planted

Adding shade trees can be an easy and appealing way to make your property more aesthetically pleasing. Trees and shrubs in the landscape can help maximize shade from the hot summer sun and keep your home cooler which saves money on utility bills as a result. Picking out the best shade trees and pinpointing where to plant them can be a bit challenging. Consider the following questions before you start planting shade trees on your property:

1. How Does the Sun Move Across the Yard?

Analyze how the sun moves across your yard during different times of the year. You want to get the most shade out of your tree placement. During the summer, the sun will pass higher over your yard and create different shadows compared to other seasons. Your home, neighbors’ homes and other structures on your property can also alter how sunlight passes over your yard.

2. What Requires Shade?

You can strategically use shade trees on your property. Many will utilize them to provide ample shade near outdoor entertainment spaces such as paver patios or outdoor kitchens to make them more comfortable to use and enjoy during hot summer afternoons.

3. What Structures Are Close By?

If you plan to grow very large shade trees, it’s important to consider their proximity to other structures. Avoid planting them too close to the house otherwise the foundation could become compromised by the roots as the tree matures. Also remember to avoid driveways, sidewalks, sheds, power lines, fences and property lines. If your shade tree encroaches on any of these structures after it matures, heavy trimming or tree removal may be required.

4. How Will the Canopy Grow in the Future?

Some species of trees which are popular for shade grow just as wide as they are tall. Others grow very tall but do not grow too wide. Weigh these differences before choosing any shade tree to plant on your property. For example, a white oak tree will eventually have a large canopy with plenty of shade coverage. Other trees may not offer as much shade, even in their most mature state. Magnolias are one example of a deciduous tree that’s shade profile isn’t as vast a compared to other varieties.

5. Which Trees Do You Like?

The ultimate question about shade trees for your property is to decide what trees you like the most. Some popular shade trees offer gorgeous flowers and colors, while others provide sturdy branches for swings and hammocks. Consult a landscaping professional to get details on the best tree species for the desired appearance at your home or business.

If you are considering a tree planting project, get in touch with CollinsBrooke Landscape, a top-rated landscaping company in Simpsonville, SC today to schedule a consultation.

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