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7 Principles of a Professionally Designed Landscape

Understanding these principles can help you redesign your yard, giving it the stunning look you want. Landscape professionals use these principles of composition when designing parks, public spaces, and other outdoor areas.

#1: Explore Variety

Variety significantly keeps your outdoor spaces visually interesting. You can add multiple features to increase variety, including:

Outdoor living areas
Trees and shrubs

However, avoid too much variety in a single area. You don’t want to overwhelm the space.

#2: Maintain Simplicity

While variety matters in backyard landscapes, too many elements can make your lawn seem cramped. Instead, include only the essentials in your design. Avoid items that only clutter the property instead of enhancing your overall landscape design.

#3: Emphasize Specific Features

Garden design experts recommend that you select a few aspects of the property to highlight. Pick a few of your favorite parts of the lawn and draw attention to them. Using features like lights can single out your favorite lawn features.

#4: Balance the Design

Balance plays an essential role in aesthetic, herb, or vegetable gardening. You focus on the design’s visual weight when assessing balance.

You may choose:

● Formal or symmetrical balance
● Informal or asymmetrical balance

#5: Keep Each Element in Proportion

You look at proportion when you consider the relative sizes of all the components of your design. For example, let’s say you place a small plant around many larger shrubs. As a result, you make that part of your front yard look out of proportion.

#6: Explore the Sequence of Your Design

When designing elements of landscaping, experts focus on sequencing. An effective sequence transitions from one feature to the next without jarring changes.

#7: Maintain Unity throughout Your Property

Unity is the finishing touch of landscape design. Make sure every element you select works with your overall theme. You’ll boost the harmony of your yard by striving for unity.

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