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CollinsBrooke Landscape Construction is a top-rated residential & commercial grading contractor serving Simpsonville and communities throughout upstate South Carolina.

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Nobody enjoys a lawn that is uneven, filled with bumps and is one step away from a sprained ankle. The best choice to even out a rough yard is to scrape away the existing grass and renovate with grading out the soil’s surface at a proper slope, and then installing sod. We provide a wide spectrum of dirt work including final grading for newly built homes and businesses. The expert team at CollinsBrooke Landscape Construction can tailor a service package for your new property to include rough grading followed by a final grade with new topsoil to prepare the surface for the installation of an irrigation system and sod to create your new yard.

Beyond new properties, we also renovate existing yards. If you are noticing areas within your lawn that should be leveled out, whether it’s in the middle of the yard where your kids play or along the perimeter of your home, we can remedy the situation.

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