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Make your home or business look its best all night long with professional outdoor landscape lighting in Simpsonville, SC by CollinsBrooke Landscape Construction.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Experts

Your outdoor space has an immaculate appearance and it is a great gathering area to spend time with family and friends. Why let the investment into that not get put to use after sunset? At CollinsBrooke Landscape Construction, our installers can place lights along walkways and entries to add an element of beauty plus provide security and safety. Adding lights to a backyard gathering space such as an outdoor living area or patio can effectively add another usable room to your home, but with the bonus of being able to enjoy a warm summer night with friends, or cozy winter evening around a fire. Strategically designed and installed outdoor lighting can creating ambiance throughout your entire property and increase the nighttime enjoyment of your outdoor space. Also as an added bonus – it is virtually maintenance-free!

Advantages of Landscape Lighting

Whether you wish to increase your home’s curb appeal with accent lighting, or install pathway lights to help guests navigate your walkways at your business, we offer many options to meet your needs. Contact us today to get a quote for your next project.

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To ensure 100% client satisfaction, we follow through on our promises and we don’t consider a project complete until every bullet point on our contract can be checked.


Our highly-trained crews utilize state-of-the-art equipment which yields to quicker & more effective production when building out your landscape.

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