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Mulch, Pine Straw, Rock & Edging

Are your landscape beds in need of refreshing? Contact the pros at CollinsBrooke Landscape Construction for a quote on installing mulch, pine straw, landscape rock and edging (steel & paver).

Mulch & Pine Straw Installation

mulch, lawn topdressing and shrubs planted in Greenville SC

Pine straw and mulch has exploded in popularity the past few decades due in part to its variety of color choices and product types, such as hardwood and pine. The top benefit of both pine straw and mulch is their ability to become a natural weed barrier while creating an advantageous environment for your plants and trees to thrive because it helps retains moisture beneath the soil’s surface. This allows your plants to be more hydrated through the hot summers and dry winters.

For most of our Simpsonville mulch or pine straw installation projects, our crew arrives at your property and will remove existing material (if requested), and then begin laying the new mulch or pine straw into your landscape beds, around trees and all other desired areas at the proper depth. We offer several different color choices sure to fit the design of your home’s exterior. To learn more about our pine straw and mulch installation pricing, color options and more, call or request a quote today.

Landscape Rock Installation

Landscape rock contributes to an extraordinary design flair with exquisite displays of color to highlight the best in your trees and shrubs while complimenting the exterior color(s) of your home or business. Having landscape rock installed is typically a “one-and-done” project and is an excellent option for the homeowner that wishes to lower the time and resources spent abating weeds that sprout in your landscaping. Rock can be the ideal option for clients with large trees that drop a considerable volume of leaves in fall. This makes maintenance tasks such as yard clean ups and shrub trimming a quicker process compared to mulch or pine straw which can get moved around with a leaf blower.

We offer several types, colors and styles of decorative rock that are readily available for installation. Including a variety of river rock, slate chips and more. For rock installation projects in Simpsonville and surrounding communities, our teams arrive on schedule, ready to work. We start with removing the existing ground covering and hauling it to the proper waste site. Then place poly or fabric at the soil surface as a weed barrier, cutting holes in the appropriate locations so shrubs will still receive adequate water, and then install the new rock at a proper depth.

Edging Installation

Your landscaping can only be as good as the barrier that separates your turf areas from the contents of the landscaping. If your edging is not up to par, it can lead to a frustrating experience when cutting the lawn due to pieces of mulch or landscape rock that fell out of the landscape bed, which could cause problems for a lawn mower, such as the blade could send a piece of debris flying, potentially injuring a bystander or damaging nearby property.

Keep your property looking its best by creating a solid border around your landscaping with professionally installed edging that is built to withstand the elements that properties in South Carolina face. We install both steel and paver/brick edging.

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