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Landscape Drainage Repair in Simpsonville, SC

yard drainage Simpsonville - Dry Creek Bed

Are you experiencing soft spots or standing water in your lawn or landscaping after it rains? Is water running towards your house or rendering a lot of your outdoor space useless? Your lawn may be suffering from drainage issues. There are several contributing factors to a lawn having problems with drainage including an incorrect slope in your lawn areas, or the landscaping surrounding the perimeter of your home, commercial building, outbuilding or other structure sending water towards your building or house, when it should be dispersed away from structures.

This can also happen to newly built buildings if the soil around the foundation was not back-filled and compacted down, or has sank down unexpectedly. Our Simpsonville yard drainage team is proficient in solving drainage problems of all varieties on both residential and commercial properties. If you are experiencing any of these problems, get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation to discuss options for a solution.

Yard Drainage Experts

A correctly executed landscape design that is built to industry protocols will rarely experience issues, but over the years soil disruption can occur from issues such as erosion and it can lead to detrimental effects such as damaging your grass, plants and trees due to improper drainage. Water has the power to damage your foundation. Thankfully, we offer several options to solve your Simpsonville yard drainage issues:

Drain Tile & French Drains

A French drain, commonly referred to as drain tile, involves installing drainage pipe at the bottom of a trench filled with gravel or rock. With a proper French drain installation, water is redirected to a designated location on the property. Many homeowners view French drain system installation as a simple D.I.Y. project. However, an incorrectly installed French drain system can make drainage problems worse. Our well-versed lawn and landscape drainage team will frequently use laser-guided equipment to ensure the proper grade is maintained through the entire drain tile system. This allows for maximum water flow throughout the seasons.

Landscape Grading

Re-grading your yard and landscape is the most natural approach to solving your drainage problems. During a grading project, our highly-skilled equipment operators will determine the best course of action for water management. Re-grading your lawn and landscape is one the most cost-effective methods of correcting slopes to solve drainage problems.

Dry Creek Beds

The dry creek bed approach is similar to a French drain where it also involves digging a trench on your property, but this time our team only lines it with rock, usually in the form of small, medium or large boulders. This solution works with your property’s grading to move water down a slope to a designated drainage area. The trench facilitates water drainage in that area, instead of elsewhere on your property.

Catch Basins & Downspout Extensions

Many drainage problems are a result of water making its way through your home or building’s gutter system and being dispersed into a lawn or landscape area that is conducive to water pooling up. The best remedy for this is installing an underground downspout extension with drain tile and adding a catch basin to direct the water away from the area so the integrity of structures is not compromised.

If your property is encountering problems with landscape drainage and a unique drainage solution is required, whether that is re-grading, a French drain system, or a downspout extension with an underground catch basin, please give us a call today or request a quote.

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