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Retaining Walls

Retain slopes and prevent erosion on your property with a professionally designed & built stone or block retaining wall from CollinsBrooke Landscape Construction. Serving residential & commercial clients in Simpsonville and surrounding areas of upstate South Carolina.

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A retaining wall serves as a functional element that holds back soil and while also becoming a beautiful addition to any residential or business property. Our expert team at CollinsBrooke Landscape Construction can comprise a retaining wall design that suits your property’s features and character, followed by successfully executing its build to provide utility and aesthetics for decades to come.

With a properly designed and constructed wall, we will be able to add more usable space to your property by leveling slopes for an expanded lawn area for your kids to play or building structures such as a shed or an outbuilding. Prior to construction, we also assess your property’s terrain and based on our findings and the size of your retaining wall, we may also install drainage systems to direct water to the appropriate areas within your property.

Custom Stone & Block Wall Installation

There are multiple options for building a retaining wall to ensure any potential erosion is prevented, the most popular is with manufactured block. Block that has interlocking features are advantageous because a very rigid & durable wall can be constructed without mortar or glue, and once all courses are stacked and caps installed (barring any drainage system additions), the wall is complete and finishing work such as back-filling can begin.

Another retaining wall material type is stone. Many homeowners choose it because it allows a degree of customizing since nearly every stone is different from one another. Each wall looks different and going this route instead of using traditional block yields to a profoundly distinct appearance within your landscape.

Whether you have a slope that is starting to erode, wish to add freestanding walls surrounding your next paver patio project, or construct raised beds for gardening, schedule a consultation today!

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