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The Top 3 Hardscaping Mistakes

Many homeowners in South Carolina appreciate the beauty and function that hardscapes such as patios, retaining walls, kitchens and fireplaces bring to transform an outdoor space. But if a hardscape feature is not constructed up to spec, it can cause more problems than most would like to deal with. In this blog post we explain 3 of the top mistakes that can occur with hardscaping projects.

1. Poor Planning

Before beginning any hardscaping project, it is important to plan ahead and consider the necessary materials and resources needed for the job. Without proper planning, ideally with a formal design, you may find yourself running into problems during construction or having to replace materials that weren’t suited to the environment. Be sure to consult a professional landscape contractor before starting your project to ensure that you have all the information you need.

2. Lack of Adequate Drainage

When a beautiful landscape and hardscape project is not built out with water management in mind, it can lead to yard drainage problems, this can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation, created flooding in your lawn and injure your plants. Most skilled landscape companies will plan out their projects and account for making sure water runs away from structures and landscape features.

3. Base Prep

The base of your hardscape structures must be properly prepared prior to installing any block, pavers or concrete. Since your patio, wall, kitchen or living space will be built on top of this, it is critical that it’s installed correctly. Many homeowners skip this step or don’t use enough material and compaction and the finished product suffers as a result. The ideal base prep involves excavating the existing soil, followed by compacting the sub-base, then hauling in gravel and compacting every couple inches until the base is deep enough to hold the structure. Next, the slope is set to ensure water runs off the patio and into either the lawn and/or landscape beds to protect your home. Doing this ensures your hardscape elements will provide trouble-free use for years to come!

To get started on your next hardscaping project in Upstate South Carolina, get in touch with CollinsBrooke Landscape today.

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