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Have a new lot that needs to be cleared out before construction begins? Get in touch with the Simpsonville land clearing pros at CollinsBrooke Landscape Construction. Providing services to residential & commercial clients throughout upstate South Carolina.

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Trees are one of the most majestic features on Earth. They not only provide us with the most important thing to sustain human & animal life (oxygen), but they create great aesthetics in varying landscapes as well as densely wooded areas. However, there are times when trees need to be removed such as urban or suburban expansion to develop homes or commercial properties, building roads, utility line installation, or farmland to grow crops. Trees and brush are the most notable obstacles in any land clearing project. Due to their advanced root systems, it is a requirement to have heavy equipment to effectively remove not only the trees, but also the stumps and roots leftover after clear cutting.

These projects can become an overwhelming endeavor when taken on alone, so hiring the right team to do get the job done right is key. At CollinsBrooke Landscape Construction, we can handle various sizes of land clearing, ranging from single-family home lots, to site prep for property or yard expansion and more.

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Whether you’ve just bought a lot to begin the process of building your dream home, or you’d like to expand the use of your property and need to remove a wooded area, get in touch with the Simpsonville land clearing experts at CollinsBrooke Landscape Construction today.

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